October 2022


SUCCESS!!! Incredible! I have finally broken through the barrier and achieved synchronization with //:OTHERSIDE_ !!! This is a momentous day for human kind and a victory for THE TRUTH! I don’t have much time…the signal is alre….ady fa.din..g… PLEA..SE..!! FIND THE TRU…TH…FO.R..YOURSELF!! […]\:authcode_591245 http://auth.backdoor.omicronix.org/ SHARE ME ON: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Dev Blog Post #2

CAUTION://_WORKS IN PROGRESS… Hey Look, it’s another dev blog! “A dev blog is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means too”….Right?Well either way, it’s about time we start diving into the excitement of pre-production….Early Prototyping! Early Prototyping? So, what exactly is “early prototyping” anyway? It can mean many things to …

Dev Blog Post #2

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