Journey On The Waves of Time

A "Bit" Of Space Dust Might Be A Cosmic Understatement...

Yikes…and here I thought I let things get musty, dusty, rusty, and quiet in the time between the LAST two updates…Well, it’s been a busy *checks calendar*¬† 15 MONTHS??

Uh, so yeah it’s been a minute since the last post, I suppose. Looking back through the wormhole of remembering, it’s hard to believe we were previously showing off greybox level art and extremely early prototype gameplay footage.

So, between the distant past and the less-distant-present, where the heck are we now?

Let's see here...we seem to be located somewhere in...outer space, sir.

But there's been progress at least, right?

Oh, most definitely. We’ve been quite busy over the last year. In fact, a major upcoming target is to widen the net on playtesting from friends-and-family into more public-facing playtesting!

I’ll have more news on how we plan to roll that out and how folks can sign up to be included soon (actual soon, not 15 months between updates “soon”)!

Seems like some kind of terrifying anomaly, sir. I'll go touch it.

Procedural Levels Are In!

So much has happened since the last update that I’m not quite sure where to begin, but now that procedurally generated levels are in the game, that seems like as good a place to start as any.

Every time you play a mission you will get a different layout, different selection of main rooms, and an overall different experience!

There’s still a lot to dial in to maintain balance against variety, but it’s been fantastic to see how much the added elements of randomization and exploration add to the mix.

A Procedural Level System, from spawning squares to whole levels!

And it looks neat from the inside, too!

Rooms, Rooms, We Got Rooms

Alongside procedural layout generation, we’ve also been expanding the variety and interest within each of the larger “POI” rooms that help make up each level.

From post-airlock entry ways to medbays and cargo holds, each derelict station feels more like a real, functional (albeit highly industrial and impersonal) space that’s more interesting and more helpful in navigating your way through it.

Tools 'R Us

We’ve also revamped the player’s tools along with a (currently, at least) 3-slot inventory system. Some of them are available straight away from the POD’s equipment area, while others will have to be scavenged from within the mission levels.

Scavenged tools tend to provide substantial help in dealing with the more deadly menaces infesting the derelict mission craft, and are well worth a few small (totally safe, I’m sure) trips out of the way to find.

Mission Loop

But what is it exactly that you’d say you do, here?

It's like a game to them, man!

When going out on a mission for OMICRONIX, each recovery team member has one primary objective. For now, that means a process that includes:

  • Close Crimson Rips and Reach the Crimson Drive Room
  • Remove the Crimson Drive Core
  • Get Back to The POD With The Core
  • Don’t Die (Optional)
Close the Rips, Get Some Better Gear, Get The Core, Go Home. Simple!

While OMICRONIX Corporate Guidelines require me to insist that all Recovery Corps missions are completely safe, a good employee knows to keep their head on a swivel and remain vigilant for the possible appearance of situations that may prove hazardous.

Next Time

You probably noticed that one thing I didn’t talk about are the monstrous threats that stalk the derelict craft that player’s must endure on their way to and from extracting the Crimson¬† Drive Core.

While they’ve made progress as well, I’d prefer to show them in a different (moving!) format. For the next post, I’d like to get some live gameplay footage captured so I can speak less with words and more with action!

Until Then...

Come on in, we'll leave a light on for ya!

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